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Swing to Your Heart's Content on Our Recycled Tire Swings

Girl on Horse Tire Swing

Pump up the fun in your backyard with Frontier Swings LLC. All our tree swings are created from reconditioned soft rubber tires and built with care—along with plenty of imagination!

About Our Swings
Vertical Tire Swing

Pick the perfect swing to hang in your backyard. Backyards become the Wild West with Jumping Stallion swing. Classic Vertical Tire Swing, or others. The choice is yours!

Types of Swings

Hold onto your hat as you twist and bounce to and fro with the Frontier Swings LLC spinner swivel. Other accessories include cowboy hats, seat belts, and hanging kits to avoid tree damage.


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Children on Custom Swings

Eco-Friendly, Fun Tire Swings for Your Backyard

Experience a whole new concept in backyard fun with tree swings made from recycled tires by Frontier Swings LLC in Molena, Georgia. These eco-friendly swings come completely assembled and ready to hang on a tree limb, deck, playset, or other structure. Check out our accessories page to buy an optional hanging kit or swivel.

Handcrafted & Recycled

Frontier Swings LLC swings are made from tires measuring 25" to 28" in diameter with holes drilled in the bottom for rainwater drainage. All tires have been cleaned and sealed, and the hardware features rounded ends so kids don't get their clothes dirty or caught. Our pony swing's ropes hold up to 250 pounds, and they can be adjusted to fit the height of the riders. All swings meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials [Sec. F1148]

Save the Tires!

Each recycled tire is thoroughly cleaned and painted in your choice of available colors. All tires are painted black so it looks new and clean. No grime or black will come off on clothes, optional tire colors include: 

Kelly Green | Rich Plum Purple | Royal Blue | Pink Watermelon | Cameo 

Safe & Fun

For the safety of your child, we suggest you check for corrosion and excessive wear on the chains and tire occasionally. You can touch up the paint on your tire swing, if desired, to maintain even color. The maximum recommended weight limit is 200 pounds.

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